Deployable Equipment

Snohomish ACS and DEM maintains a number of resources that can be deployed during an incident.   Details on these options are available by clicking the appropriate section on the left navigation bar or the headings below.

The radio room has about 20 800 MHz handheld radios and 40 VHF/UHF ham/land mobile cache radios with accessories.  There are also about 15 Motorola HT1250 UHF FM handhelds and 12 Motorola XPR6350 UHF DMR handhelds.

There is a small cache of mobile radios and magnetic mount antennas.  There are three Icom IC-208 radios in small Pelican cases with cigarette lighter power cords.  There are also three Powerwerx DB-750X Dual Band ham/land mobile radios and five Anytone AT-578UV DMR Triband ham/land mobile radios.

The radio room has two portable amateur radio kits in rolling cases and a separate case with wire antennas, coax, twine for hanging antennas, instructions, notebook and pens. The kits include a Yaesu FT-897 for HF-UHF and an Icom IC-880 dual band mobile for FM and DSTAR.  DEM also has two land mobile/air band kits in rolling cases with antennas in a separate bag.  The Harris XG-100M is a land mobile radio that covers VHF, UHF and 700/800. 

The ACS team build and maintains a number of portable repeaters.  There is a portable VHF repeater on the DEM land mobile frequency (154.055/158.850) pair in a rolling case with a call sign of KIL405.  This can be used in addition to the fixed sites at Oso, Clearview and Whidbey Island.  There is also a 443 SNP repeater that operates on the 443.000 shared non-protected  amateur repeater frequency.  Finally there are also repeaters for the national interoperability channels of VTAC36 and UTAC43.
COM1 Photo
  • DEM-10 is a mobile communications vehicle on an ambulance chassis with amateur, public safety and commercial radios. 
  • COM1/COM2 are nearly identical 34’ coaches designed as mobile command and communications vehicles. 
  • The Mobile EOC (MEOC) in a 20’ trailer designed to allow DEM to evacuate their current facilities and setup operations in any large room. 
  • Two mobile highway signs include AM broadcast band highway advisory radios on 600kHz and an MP3 player used to play the broadcast audio.  

We have collected a selection of portable kits assembled by the ACS team, members and others.  These resources can be helpful in creating your own system.  If you have a system to share, please contact Scott via email N7SS at