The radio room has about 20 Motorola 800MHz handheld radios of various models that will be replaced as the 800MHz system is upgraded.  These radios are available to directly support DEM staff and operations.  These radios cost about $4000 each and must be checked out before leaving the radio room.  Sno911 Wireless staff (formerly SERS) have an additional cache of about 50 radios packaged with six radios and a charger per box.
Wouxun KG-UV6X Cache

There are two yellow Pelican cases with about 20 Wouxun KG-UV6X VHF/UHF ham/land mobile cache radios each.  There is also a selection of about 20 headsets and 10 speaker mikes in addition to a 6 gang charger for the dual band radios in a black Pelican accessory case.  A second 6 gang charger is located above station 3 in the radio room.  These cases must be checked out when leaving the radio room.  The radios must then be checked out individually with any accessories on the scene to insure they all return.  It is recommended that the radios are tuned to the correct channel and locked when checking out to the end user.  Any issues should be noted so they can be addressed.
Motorola HT1250
Motorola HT1250 UHF Cache

There is also a beige Pelican case with about 15 Motorola HT1250 FM UHF radios.  The radios are stored in separate slots from the batteries.  Antennas and speaker mikes are laid on top of the radios in the case.  The radios should be assembled and checked out as a unit with any accessories noted.  Any issues should be noted so they can be addressed when the package returns.

There is also a cache of about 12 Motorola XPR6350 UHF DMR radios.  These radios are not currently in a case.