Field Day 2020

Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management (DEM) has a dedicated team of more than 160 volunteer amateur radio operators that offer their skills during incidents. They build and operate the communications systems in the Emergency Coordination Center and in the field. Modern complex communications systems offer tremendous capability but can also be very vulnerable to failure or overload. Amateur radio makes a robust, high capacity communications capability available to the community in times of need.

Every June, more than 40,000 amateur radio operators throughout North America set up temporary transmitting stations in public places to demonstrate ham radio's science, skill and service to our communities and our nation. It combines public service, emergency preparedness, community outreach, and technical skills all in a single event. Field Day has been an annual event since 1933, and remains the most popular event in ham radio.

The basic goal to contact as many other stations as possible and to learn to operate radio gear in abnormal situations and less than optimal conditions. These same skills are used when helping with events such as marathons and bike-a-thons; fund-raisers such as walka-thons; celebrations such as parades; and exhibits at fairs, malls and museums. The amateur radio team supports many of these events to practice skills and test equipment in preparation for more serious events.

Snohomish DEM won't be open this Field Day. Other Field Day sites can be found via the Field Day locator at

Sign up to visit or operate from the Snohomish County ECC using ARES Connect. If you need assistance with ARES Connect, please contact George Boswell.