Incident Command System
The entire catalog of FEMA ICS online training is available at  Much is available online but the advanced courses (ICS 300 and 400) are only available in a classroom setting.  These are offered several times a year at DEM and the Washington State lists their training at  King County Emergency Management offers a similar schedule of courses available in the Puget Sound area
    Emergency Communications
    Emergency Communications training is available from a number of sources.  The FEMA AUXCOMM course is very good but only available in a classroom and offered infrequently.  Communications Unit Leader (COML) and Communications Unit Technician (COMT) are also classroom courses but offered more frequently.  The ARRL offers the EC-001 Introduction to Emergency Communications course online and occasionally in local classroom settings.  The ARRL Public Service and Emergency Communications Management for Radio Amateurs (EC-016) course is very good and available online for no charge.  The fee for the EC-016 course is only charged if a test is given at the end of the course.

    The ACES program provides both classroom and hands-on classroom training and exercises around the area.  Courses are generally offered over a weekend.  Schedules, registration and course information can be found at

    The Phonetic Alphabet
    Why we use the ITU Phonetic Alphabet.

    Selected Topics from Previous Meetings

    Protect Yourself from Malware and other Threats
    This training was offered January 2020 to address common current threats and solutions.  Download the slides with notes.

    Emergency Communications Net Control

    The training at the 20 Jan 2011 ACS/ARES meeting was proper net operations and the responsibilities of the Net Control Station. Download the PowerPoint presentation here.

    Communication Van DEM10 Deployment
    Here are the checklists we expect everyone to use when assigned "Van Duty". DEM10 Checklists contains all the information you need to participate.

    Emergency Radio Communications
    Here are three basic presentations on Emergency Radio Communications.
    Emergency Radio Communications 100
    Emergency Radio Communications 101
    Emergency Radio Communications 102

    Here is the D-Star presentation given by Scott Honaker, N7SS on D-Star for Emergency Communications.

    Basic Networking
    Here is an introduction to some low level networking concepts and networking terms with more to come.

    Here is the first of several presentations on messaging. Download the presentation given at the meeting.
    Download the presentation, exercise, and forms used at the meeting.

    Radio Mobile
    Radio Mobile is a great VHF/UHF propagation prediction tool used for determining available paths and repeater coverage.

    Getting the most from your HT
    A handheld radio is invaluable but has a number of limitations.  Find out how to mitigate the issues and improve your performance.

    Portable Radio Operations
    For functionality and performance beyond an HT, consider building a portable system.

    Radio Direction Finding
    Radio direction finding (Fox Hunting) is a fun and practical activity. Download all the information you need to participate.

    J-Pole Antennas
    J-pole antenna are simple and fun to build. Download all the information you need to make, test, and use them.

    AirMail (E-mail System)
    All about Airmail and Winlink 2000. Download the PowerPoint presentation and see for the software download.

    Winlink (RMS) Express (E-mail System)
    All about Winlink Express. Winlink Express was previously named EMS Express and still is commonly referred to by that name. Download this Word Document and see for the software download.

    All About Jump Kits
    The training subject of the 21 Feb 2008 meeting was jump kits. Download the PowerPoint presentation and several photos of members jump kits.