Mobile/Base Kits

Amateur Radio Kits

DEM has two portable amateur radio kits in rolling cases and a separate case with wire antennas, coax, twine for hanging antennas, instructions, notebook and pens. The kits include a Yaesu FT-897 for HF-UHF and an Icom IC-880 dual band mobile for FM and DSTAR. The Yaesu has a Signal Link USB and the Icom has a TNC-X for Winlink support.

The systems are built in a 4U rack mount rolling SKB case. All the equipment is mounted on a 2U rack shelf. There are no penetrations in the box to retain the weather resistant capability. This also allows all the equipment to be removed by removing the 4 screws on the shelf and sliding it out of the case. It does require loosening the screws on the speakers to allow them to rotate slightly to fit out the front of the case.

The case includes the necessary cables in the back. The power supply cord is secured in the back and a long USB cable from a USB hub. The USB cable connects to a hub which connects the Yaesu FT-897 and Signallink, Icom ID-880 and TNC-X. Plugging in this one cable mounts all these devices on the computer to support any desired digital mode software.

Some surplus laptop cases make excellent cases to hold antennas, coax, manuals and office supplies. The case holds two N9TAX roll-up J-pole antennas (one for each radio) and some twine to secure it. There is also a Radiowavz Off-Center Fed (OCF) dipole and more twine as an HF antenna solution. The OCF dipole is more convenient than a standard dipole because the feed point can be placed closer to the station. There are three lengths of RG-58 coax included; 25', 35' and 65'. There are also some coax couplers available to attach lengths together as needed. All coaxes have color coded tape to help identify them when attaching them.

There is another antenna bag available that includes a Buddipole tripod and mast kit, coax and vertical whip antennas for multiple bands.

Land Mobile/Air Band Kit

DEM also has two land mobile/air band kits in rolling cases with antennas in a separate bag. The antenna bag includes a tripod, mast, guy kit dual antenna mount with a multiband landmobile antenna and telescoping air band antenna. The Harris XG-100M is a land mobile radio that covers VHF, UHF and 700/800. The Harris does not support the Snohomish County trunking system but does support the interoperability channels. The Icom IC-A120 is the AM air band radio.