The net script and rosters for regular ACS/ARES Members and Visitors are downloadable files. Please see the links below. For a real world activation, download, print and keep a copy of the Activation Worksheet handy.

General Net Information:

Best Practices for Radio Communication

Net Control Station Training Manual

Comprehensive List of Snohomish County Nets

DEM Public Service Net

This net happens the first Tuesday of each month at 1930 hours. It will utilize the Snohomish DEM commercial repeaters. This net will begin service on 7 September 2021. For more information;

Net Introduction Details

Net Script

Net Roster

Net Control Operators (coming)

Notice -- TUESDAY Evening Net on 800 Mhz:

This net happened the first Tuesday of each month and has been discontinued.

Other Nets in the Puget Sound

Local Nets change often and that information is best maintained by the Mike and Key Radio Club.