DEM Training

The Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management (DEM) coordinates training and exercise opportunities designed to increase disaster resilience and response readiness across the County in preparation for potential emergencies and/or disasters. Training and exercise opportunities bring community partners together from local emergency management, local and state government, public safety/first responders, nonprofit and volunteer organizations, and the private sector.  

Snohomish County 2023-2026 Integrated Preparedness Plan

Formerly known as the Training & Exercise Plan (TEP), this document outlines the County's plans and methodology for training and exercise. 

The purpose of the Snohomish County IPP is to guide the department's training and exercise efforts to maintain and improve the core capabilities needed to respond to all hazards. SCDEM determines which training and exercises to schedule in upcoming years according to a variety of inputs, including: areas for improvement from After Action Reports, emerging needs and partner priorities, and supporting the development and update cycle of plans, annexes, or appendices. 

The Integrated Preparedness Plan  is a foundational element that fortifies the culture of preparedness for Snohomish County.  


Exercises are conducted to validate plans, policies, and procedures by facilitated seminars, workshops, tabletops, drills, functional, or full-scale exercise.  

Periodically ACS will sponsor a communications exercise, specific to enhance membership skills, test and evaluate changed operational procedures.  The ACS calendar identifies all formal and informal training exercises.

Training Calendar

The Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management (DEM) develops an extensive training program, perhaps the best in the state.   Due to the expanse of opportunities, it can be difficult to keep track of what is coming up.   To make that easier, check out the full calendar of training events.  Increment the month to view the events in the coming months.  Training is offered online and in-house from local, state, and Federal partners with the purpose of preparing our residents, responders, and partners with the skill to respond and recover from disasters.   

 The virtual events are online (no lunch provided). 😐