DEM-10 is a mobile communications vehicle on an ambulance chassis with amateur, public safety and commercial radios. It includes an ACU-M interoperability patch panel device used for patching VHF, UHF and 800Mhz radio channels. There are also two 800MHz handheld radios and a number of FRS radios available for loan. It can also provide power via a 3500 watt Onan diesel generator stored on board that runs off the main fuel tank.  It is available to operate anywhere in Washington State on request.

Find the operational checklist here.

Mobile Information Technology Response Unit  (MITRU)

There are four cargo trailers configured with lithium (LiFePo4) batteries, solar panels, charge controller and inverter power system.  The Mobile Information Technology Response Unit (MITRU) trailers were designed and built by DEM/ACS to provide general purpose power for communications and other operational needs.  The fleet was designed to provide a powered utility for remote operations to support an EOC or other incident. These trailers were initially  assigned to the COVID mass vaccination sites to provide Internet on site via Wi-Fi 24/7.  They later created a Wi-Fi network in the fairgrounds parking lots during the fair, supported the Bolt Creek Fire command post and WSDOT at the Hwy 2 roadblocks.  They also supported the command post at the Jim Creek Fire with Wi-Fi using Starlink as the Internet source.  These units have been deployed many times, primarily providing local Wi-Fi in remote locations in support of county agencies and partners.

Each trailer configuration is similar with the following chassis differences.

The following documents describe the basis for these trailers, their applications and features.

Mobile EOC  (MEOC)

The Mobile Emergency Operations Center (MEOC) is one 20’ trailer designed to allow DEM to evacuate their current facilities and setup operations in any large room. The MEOC contains printers, laptops, supplies, wired and wireless networking equipment for computers and IP phones. There is a satellite connection that provides Internet and phone services and a NAS that has a copy of all the DEM forms and data from the County DEM S: drive. The aft area has some storage cabinets and a countertop with an 800 radio, VHF radio and amateur dual-band (2m/70cm) radio. The forward compartment has tables, chairs, portable awnings and two Honda 2000 watt generators. If the MEOC is not being used for DEM continuation of operations (COOP), it can be used as a volunteer registration center or as an EOC for another agency.  

Mobile Highway Signs

Two mobile highway signs include AM broadcast band highway advisory radios on 600kHz and an MP3 player used to play the broadcast audio.   The sign message can be changed from a keyboard locked inside the unit and an outgoing audio message is installed via an MP3 file on a thumb drive.  The units are solar powered and contain two large banks of batteries on board for a nearly infinite run time.  This makes them quite heavy and must be pulled with a large vehicle that has a pintle hitch.  The WQNY586 FCC license cannot be used for commercial purposes and is only licensed within Snohomish County.