Snohomish ACS has an active calendar.  Our skills as radio operators and general support of DEM relies on education and practice.  As it turn out, many of our members are involved in events and activities around the region.  While these activities are fun, they also provide a means to refresh old skills and learn new ones.  The calendar is updated often as new events are scheduled or changed.  Most events are organized and sponsored by groups outside Snohomish ACS.

Participating in the ACS sponsored Nets is a great way to make sure your radio is working and maintain your confidence.  Occasionally radios or antennas fail and participating in a net is great way to assure you know its operational status.  You don't want to know it is failing when in the midst of an emergency.

Learning additional skills or qualifying for that next challenge usually starts with training opportunities.  We attempt to stay abreast of the latest training opportunities and post them here.  FEMA has an extensive collection of focused training  which includes the Communication Leader (COML) course.  

Many of our meetings have excellent presentations about building equipment or a new technique a member or regional expert has shared.  These are posted here for your education.  Many project have been inspired by project documentation.  Download these documents and challenge yourself.